Buyer Beware; Recycled Tools

23 Oct

I have been doing some work in my shop putting up more interior walls. I have been using screws to fasten the wood together instead of nails, it costs more but it is easier on my old muscles. I started off using electric drills but decided to break down and buy a good cordless drill and try it out. I was talking to an employee at one of the big box home improvement stores and he said I could buy one and if I used it a few days and did not like it I could bring it back for a full refund. I have owned cordless tools made by Craftsman and Black and Decker and I was never satisfied with them at all. So I stepped up to this;


I took these home and worked with them for a week and I was VERY pleased with the power and battery life of the tools. The impact driver was sinking those 3 1/2 inch decking screws like they were tacks. The regular drill was screwing 1 1/4 sheetrock screws through the OSB without missing a beat,,,,until the trigger starting acting a little twitchy on it. Sometimes you could pull on the trigger fully and it would barely spin. You could bang the side of the drill with your palm and it would work fine, but I thought for this much money I want one that works perfectly ALL the time. So I boxed it up and returned it to the store for credit and went to the tool department to pick up a replacement. The same clerk heard my story and suggested I offer the department manager a low offer and see if she would sell the returned one back to me for a deep discount since one of the drills, both of the batteries and the charger worked OK. When the department manager heard what the problem was with the drill she said Oh no, I’ll just get the Bosch rep to work on the drill and clean it up and it will probably be OK and I will just put it back on the shelf. HUH? You are going to clean up a defective tool and rebox it and sell it for good as new? Buyer Beware is all I can say. I always check the packaging when I buy something and if it looks like it has been opened previously and resealed I won’t buy it because you never know what is wrong with it or what is missing. I am going to be doubly sure from now on, if the package looks a little funny, I am going to pass it up.


4 Responses to “Buyer Beware; Recycled Tools”

  1. pioneer Preppy October 23, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    Figures doesn’t it?

    Like you I used to hate the battery operated tools but this newer generation seems almost useful. My last B&D lasted longer than I ever thought it would.

    • doublebhomestead October 23, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

      I replaced the drills with the identical model and if the batteries hold up over time I think I wll really like these drills.

  2. carynverell October 24, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    my husband likes the battery operated tools, but i personally gravitate to the electric ones. as for screws versus nails…over the last thirty years my husband has been replacing the nails in our cedar siding with really good (and expensive) screws…everytime a nail pops and works its way out of the sidding it gets replaced with a screw. also, we have an old sundeck that was held together with really good nails, but when we added on a deck extension and a back porch we used those expensive screws and are now also replacing the deck nails with screws. the screws last longer and just look better.

    • doublebhomestead October 24, 2012 at 8:18 pm #

      The only negative I can find with using screws instead of nails is the cost. I hope these batteries hold up over time, the drills are more powerful than any cordless tool I have owned in the past.

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