Exploding Tire Rims

19 Oct


I have one of these cheap inexpensive 2 wheel dollies in my shop. The tires were low when I tried to use it so I needed to air them up. I turned on my big air compressor and gave one of the tires a shot of air. Then I gave the other tire a little blast of air and then BOOM! I overinflated the tire and it exploded! I was holding my hand right next to the rim when it exploded so the metal rim shot off and smashed into my hand. My hand went completely numb and started to swell. At first I couldn’t move any of my fingers so I thought “Uh Oh, I think I broke my hand.” And unfortunately fortunately Sweet Thing was right there when it happened so when she saw the swelling and found out I couldn’t move my fingers she forced convinced me to go to the hospital and get my hand x-rayed. In an hour or so the feeling started to come back and I could move 3 of my fingers, but not my thumb or index finger. After having it checked out I had no broken bones or ligament damage, just a deep contusion and sprain. Now 2 days later it is almost back to normal.


This is the half of the rim that stayed on the dolly, the other half ripped loose from the bolt heads when the tube exploded and flew across the room almost taking my hand with it.


After examining the tire closely it plainly says Max 30 PSI : Hand Pump Only! Huh, I didn’t notice that before. If you look at the picture of the dolly above you can see the other tire is crooked, that’s because it was also overinflated and just about to explode and rip the rim apart also! That is why tire dealers put 2 piece rims inside steel cages when they inflate them. So let this be a lesson, read the directions and Be Safe!


2 Responses to “Exploding Tire Rims”

  1. pioneer Preppy October 19, 2012 at 9:24 pm #

    Wow. Would setting your compressor down to max say 35 psi have stopped the rim from exploding you think?

  2. doublebhomestead October 19, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    Those little tires just don’t hold much air. The next time I will use the little 12 volt pump I keep in my truck for emergencies, you know the kind that takes 20 minutes to air up a car tire. I think that should be slow enough so as to not over do it.

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