Construction Update 30

18 Oct

Things are going Slooowly now. I think they are going slow just to aggravate me, they need to speed up and get finished. The tiling contractor is installing the shower and we are using the Schloter Kerdi polyethylene waterproofing membrane behind the tiles. This is supposed to make the tiles and mortar virtually mold free.



The entire shower, walls, ceiling and floors are covered with this waterproof membrane before they install the tiles.


They put down the shower floor yesterday and are working on the walls today.

The contractor is putting up the trim around the ceilings, doors, and windows. He is going a little overboard with some of the trim work, but Sweet Thing likes it so I guess I will let him continue with it. The painters are back and they are filling in the nail holes and seams in the trim work so they can finish painting.


I saw these paint buckets in the scrap pile. You know what happened next don’t you? That’s right I picked them up and carried them to my shop, I’ll find some use for them in the future. More to come soon I hope.


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