Sacred Honor

17 Oct

I read this Meme about our Founding Fathers and was reminded how wise they were. They did indeed warn us of the many pitfalls that could befall us if we were not ever vigilant. AND WE HAVE NOT BEEN VIGILANT! We have let our country slide closer and closer to Socialism bit by bit. The primary reason is the laziness of the Entitlement Segment of our society. They will give up all of their freedoms if the Government will just take of them. They do not want the responsibility of taking care of themselves, that would be too much hard work and take too much self-esteem and character. The things listed below our Founding Fathers did warn us about, if not in the Constitution itself, they wrote many letters and articles detailing their thoughts on how our country should conduct our affairs. We have strayed far from this path. Is anyone out there even listening? Or is everyone too concerned about The Next American Idol and the latest sports scores or the latest Hollywood scandal? Heaven help us. Go out and vote and God Bless America!



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