Trail Camera Pictures

12 Oct

I put my camera out by my neighbors feeder and got a few good pictures of some does, but I am still not seeing any bucks. My niece said she saw one by the barn last week and my neighbor said he saw a nice buck standing right in the middle of the mustard green patch.


This nice little yearling still has her spots.


You can see the doe standing to the right of the tree. These two pictures were taken around noon.


They are back a few days later, just around midnight.


This must be a different Doe because she has two yearlings with her.


I caught these two dogs sniffing around. I don’t know where they belong, I’ll need to find out.


The deer are back the next day around 7 am.


Then at 10 am it’s the Doe with her two yearlings.


Two days later they are back around noon.


The next day they are back around noon, it’s lunch time I guess. HA!


Then the next morning around 5 am there are 4 deer at the feeder.


Then I saw this coon eating around the feeder. I can’t believe he doesn’t show up every day to get this easy, free meal.


Then this Doe shows up with her little one that is so young she is trying to suckle on mama. More to come.


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