Construction Update 28

28 Sep

Last week the contractor stained the concrete floors in our new house. This week he put sealer on the concrete.  The concrete we used had fiberglass threads in it for strength. We had noticed after the stain, but before the sealer, you could see these fibers sticking out of the concrete in places. The contractor said don’t worry about it, after the sealer, the threads would lay down and disappear and not be seen anymore. We looked at it after the first coat, and didn’t like what we saw. The contractor said he thought the threads would disappear after the second coat of sealer. After the second coat he called and said you need to come look at this. Two coats of sealer really made the floor shine, but it also made the threads stick up. When the sun hit the floor, it looked like big areas of dust bunnies on the floor. We all agreed this wouldn’t do so we had the contractor sand down a section of floor and apply some sealer on top of that and it looked way better. So then the entire floor needed to be sanded, and since his assistant was still away from work, Sweet Thing and I had to help. The contractor and I took some sanding poles and began to go over the floor.


The floor is bright and shiny now, isn’t it? But Sweet Thing said we were not sanding thoroughly enough.


She said we needed to get down on our hands and knees like this and really sand those bad spots. The contractor and I looked at each other for a few seconds and said “Naaah, we don’t think so.” We finished sanding and he put another coat of sealer and now you can’t see those bad spots at all. Now the floor is ready for 5 coats of wax, then it will be covered up and the walls will be painted. Progress will be slower apparently, because he said it would probably be Christmas before we could move in, we hoped we would be in by Thanksgiving. We shall see.


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