Construction Update 26

19 Sep


The bricklayers are finally finished. They came back and covered the chimney with the thin bricks after the last fiasco. Last Thursday, they were working on the chimney, and a rogue shower blew up. Not just a shower, but a storm! They started at the top and worked their way downward, and the job was almost complete when the rain started. They ran inside to wait for the rain to end but it just kept pouring for a solid hour. As they were sitting there watching it rain, the bricks they just laid started to fall off because the mortar was wet and the rain washed it away. The bricks started to fall and break when they hit the scaffold, and since we were cutting it pretty close on having enough corner bricks, they went back up on the scaffolding during the pouring rain and tore down all the work they had finished that day to save the bricks. Needless to say they were not happy. But they did come back and finish as you can see. Everything on the outside is complete except a 10 foot piece of vinyl trim along the eaves where the scaffolding was standing by the chimney. Now the contractor is working on staining the concrete floor, I will have some pictures of that job next.


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