Netanyahu says we have 6 months to stop Iran!

17 Sep

The past week, Mr. Netanyahu has called on Mr. Obama and other world leaders to state clearly at what point Iran would face a military attack. But Mr. Obama and his top aides, who repeatedly say all options remain on the table, have pointed to shared U.S.-Israeli intelligence that suggests Iran hasn’t decided yet whether to build a bomb despite pursing the technology and that there would be time for action beyond toughened sanctions already in place.

Mr. Netanyahu disagrees, estimating that Iran is about six months away from having most of the enriched uranium it needs and warning that letting them reach the “goal line” would have disastrous consequences.

Mr. Obama’s Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, has said he is willing to take a tougher stand than Mr. Obama against Iran, although his campaign has declined to provide specifics. He has also aligned himself personally with Mr. Netanyahu, casting the Israeli leader as a long-time friend.

Mr. Obama, meanwhile, is reported to have a strained relationship with Mr. Netanyahu, chastising Israel for continuing to build housing settlements in areas disputed with the Palestinians.

America’s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, responded Sunday by saying there is “no daylight” between the U.S. and Israel and that Mr. Obama “will do what it takes” to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. But, she told CNN, “we are not at that stage yet.”

But Mr. Netanyahu has said that’s not enough and employed historical examples known to most Americans to make his case: president John F. Kennedy’s demand that the Soviets remove its missiles sites in Cuba “maybe purchased decades of peace,” Mr. Netanyahu said. And absent a similar “red line,” then-Iraqi president Saddam Hussein faced a U.S. attack in 1991 after invading Kuwait.

“Maybe that war could have been avoided,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

Mr. Netanyahu also pointed to America’s inability to prevent the 9/11 hijackings as proof that intelligence can fail.

He insisted that his motivations were not political but reflected a key sense of urgency. Israeli officials point to Iranian enrichment of uranium, a key ingredient in building a bomb, the movement of Iranian nuclear research facilities to fortified underground bunkers impervious to attack and Iran’s refusal to open its facilities to UN inspectors.

“I think that there’s a common interest of all Americans, of all political persuasions, to stop Iran,” he said. “This is a regime that is giving vent to the worst impulses that you see right now in the Middle East.”

I saw this interview on Meet The Press, and I heard what the man said. You can ignore it if you want, but he is not the type of man to make idle threats. He said in 6 mounts Iran would be 90% of the way towards having a nuclear threat, and that would be disastrous for Israel and the rest of the world and that Israel would not stand by and let that happen. What does that mean? Well, within 6 mounts there is a very good chance Israel will bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities! I can’t say that I blame them either, but that will set the Middle East on fire!


There is nothing I can do about that except get ready for some hard and uncertain times. I just got these in last week, 100 Mylar bags and 500 oxygen depleters. These bags will be full in the very near future if the crazy people in charge will just give me a few more months to get ready. Are you ready for trouble?


4 Responses to “Netanyahu says we have 6 months to stop Iran!”

  1. carynverell September 17, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    i can tell you sir through personal experience and personal knowledge that bebe netanyahu is right on target. this is not something that he takes lightly or worries about. this is something that he knows. i heard the same as you and it is just my humble opionion but i do not think that obama is up to being trusted at this point by the israelis..and he will not do anything unless he is reelected to office and even then, allies all over the world are starting to discover that he is not trustworthy, and not a good leader but a very weak one. …he has spent the last four years advertising to all who will listen his weaknesses and his treacherous acts and policies towards his own people of america. should mr. romney win this election, he is gonna have a very difficult job cleaning up the messes of the past while bringing in worthwhile changes for the american people and their allies.

    • doublebhomestead September 18, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

      He told us what they are going to do, then told the US to stand beside them or stand out of the way. You can’t be much plainer than that!

  2. pioneer Preppy September 18, 2012 at 2:19 am #

    The landscape is not looking good atm to say the least.

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