Construction Update 23

2 Sep

This week the bricklayers came back and got most of the bricks laid. They still have to do about a day or a day and a half and they should be finished. They have done enough that we can see we made a good choice of brick because the completed sides look great. The sheetrock has been completely hung and finished. The finishers told me Wednesday they would need one more day, but it took them two days. I did not think they could do a good job in that short amount of time so I was really concerned about the finish.



I rubbed my hand over every joint in the entire house, checking for rough spots and flaws.


The few little spots I found were so minor, I took one of the sanding sponges they left behind and touched it up myself.


But I didn’t get to check that very top seam in the foyer, it is just too high without a 12 foot stepladder. These finishers did an excellent job, better than I have ever seen. In the past, Sweet Thing and I have gone to Vesta Home Shows and looked at the houses in the shows. I don’t know if they do that where you live, but the shows around here are an excellent place to get homebuilding ideas. Generally, they will have 5-10 houses just built in a new subdivision, furnished and decorated and ready for presentation. Furniture stores and home decorators will furnish the homes and leave business cards and brochures to try to build up business for themselves. The builders are also hoping to sell these houses to someone looking during the show, or maybe to have the contractor build one for a client somewhere else. Usually these houses are on the upper end of the price scale for this area, $350,000 up to $500,000. Once we attended a show near Memphis and the homes went for over a million each! But, even in those million dollar homes I could see construction flaws in the workmanship. I have noticed bad sheetrock finishing, paint smears, receptacle boxes installed crookedly, and holes for the boxes cut out too big and the plate covers wouldn’t completely cover the hole. I would think to myself, “If I ever bought a million dollar house, you better believe I wouldn’t put up with all of these flaws!” Sometimes, they have to rush the construction getting ready in time for the shows, so maybe they would do better if they had more time.


Sweet Thing’s sister came over and helped us clean up so the contractor can stain the concrete and then the painters can start working. Everything is coming along quickly now!


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