Hurricane Preparedness

28 Aug


I hope all of you are safe and out of harms way of Hurricane Isaac. But you know I just couldn’t let this pass without saying something about preparedness. I have already discussed this basic preparedness several times, and if you are reading this blog you are probably already prepping. But, for those of you unprepared, let’s go over the basics. At a bare minimum, you should be prepared for a 3 day emergency at all times. First, you should have at least 1 gallon of water per person per day. 3 gallons would be better, this would allow for flushing the toilet and taking sponge baths. If you have advance warning like this hurricane, you can fill up all of your bathtubs for extra water. Next, make sure you have a 3 day supply of all you medications, especially the life saving meds. If you are taking allergy pills or pills to lower cholesterol you won’t die if you miss a few days. But, some meds you do have a critical need for, so be sure and have extra. If you have infants, you will need a good supply of food, formula and diapers for them. Next have a source of light; flashlights and plenty of batteries, candles, lanterns, etc. A battery-powered or crank up radio is good for keeping up with the latest news and warnings, as well as entertainment until the crisis passes. Next you need to have food that can be eaten without cooking. If you have a secondary means of cooking, that is great. Otherwise be sure to have canned goods and perishables such as chips, cookies, crackers, and bread. They should stay fresh for several days to get you through. You should also have enough food for your pets, and they will also need water so plan for that as well. Another good idea is to have all your vehicles full of gas in case you have to evacuate. There are a lot of other things you can do to be prepared for an emergency. But, this is just a very, very bare minimum to have on hand, and this can be done without a lot of expense, especially if you build it up over time. ( Not too expensive except for the gas that is. ) The oil companies have used this as an excuse to raise prices 15 cents just in one day, who knows what it will be tomorrow. Be prepared.


2 Responses to “Hurricane Preparedness”

  1. carynverell August 28, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    hot, dry wind gusts here in n.e.mississippi…fixed the leak around the chimney just in case of blowing rain. 🙂 and picked anything ripening from the garden. sad about these places that make collecting rain water ilegal…colorado is another state that does this too. the guy in the above article probably would not have had a problem if he had just built one reservoir…but ya never know. we have some pretty stupid laws.

    • doublebhomestead August 28, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

      The weatherman says we might get several inches of rain. I wouldn’t mind an inch or two, but not 6-8 inches.

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