Halls Air Show

23 Aug

We have an event in our area, the Halls Air Show. It is held on an old WWII airbase located in Halls, Tennessee. Friday night we were at the local high school football game, and a group of planes from the show did a flyover during the pre-game. It was pretty impressive in person, the picture doesn’t do it justice.


The next morning we were having breakfast at the airport café. There were several people there who had flown in for the air show.


One man flew in his plane, a Cessna Super Cub. You wouldn’t catch me in that tiny little thing!


We also saw this plane preparing to fly on to Naples Florida. I don’t know what kind it is, but it looked strange. It was propeller driven, but the props were behind the engines. The main wings looked way too short for that size airplane, and it had 2 little short stubby wings in the front. I don’t see how that thing could fly. Kind of like a Bumble Bee. Did you know Bumble Bees can’t fly? That’s right.  If you have an engineer look at the specs for a Bumble Bee, he would tell you that thing will never fly. But they do indeed fly. Just goes to show, scientist don’t know everything. Sometimes, you just have to have Faith!


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