Sheep Show

20 Aug

Sweet Thing and I went to a near-by County Fair where our Niece and Nephew were showing sheep. I have not been to a show in the past and I was impressed with the young men and women in the event.



Here are some of the sheep resting before the event.


The lady on the right side of the picture is the judge. At this time she is actually judging the handling abilities and showmanship of the people and not the sheep. Notice how intently they are looking at the judge awaiting her instructions. The handler is holding the sheep on the opposite side of the judge, when the judge walks by, the handler rotates to the other side of the animal so as not to block the view of the judge.







All these young men and women did an outstanding job in my opinion.  One thing they did caught me a little off guard. If you are squeamish you should stop reading now, and I will have another post tomorrow. Bye!     The handlers lead the sheep around the ring by holding their heads, they are not supposed to use halters or leads. Sometimes the sheep balk and won’t move. Most of them don’t have tails, so the handlers reach back and hook their fingers into the anus of the sheep and drag them forward. I wanted to stand up and yell “NO! NO! That’s just not right. I don’t need to see that, and there are small children here and they don’t need to see that. That is just so wrong, you need to stop that!” I guess you need to have a strong stomach to work with animals. More to come from the Fair later.


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