Mustard Green Update

19 Aug

After I planted the greens and the deer food plot I got 7/10 of an inch of rain so I should have good germination.


These are my seeds, Florida Broadleaf Mustard for $4.99 a pound.


After planting, I watered them in good with the hose and then got the rain the next night, so I think I should get a good stand. I’ll get some pictures when they come up. I also bought a 5 pound bag of purple top turnips to plant in the deer plot and just sling out on any bare spots I could find. Sweet Thing wanted to help so I let her seed a 25X50 feet spot I had disked up. I showed her how thick to sprinkle the seeds, and while she was doing that I made a few passes in the other plot to incorporate the seeds. In about 5 minutes I looked over and saw her holding the sack upside down shaking it. I yelled asked what are you doing? Did you use the whole bag? GOOD GRIEF! 5 pounds of seeds on a 25X50 plot. I should have a good thick stand there!


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