Winter Deer Food Plots

16 Aug

I wanted to plant the back field on the homestead with some food for the deer to eat this winter. I went to my local feed and seed store to buy some seeds and they have all types and brands of seed for food plots. I could go to one of the local Big-Marts and get some seeds a little cheaper, but the local stores are struggling along so I try to buy there when I can. I even bought a rake there today, even if it was made in China.Confused smile


The mix I got had wheat, oats, winter peas, chicory, and turnips. Something should be green in this plot all winter. But I had to prepare the ground first.


Before I started, it looked like this.


Then I hit it with my used Land Pride Disk I bought last week-end.


After 3 passes the field looked like this. Now I just need some rain to germinate the seeds, it is way too dry now. We missed another rain chance this week-end, but at least the temperatures dropped so the heat doesn’t just slap you in the face every time you walk out of the door.


After I finished disking the field, I used the front end loader blade to reclaim some of the ground next to the gully. The farmer who worked this ground in the past years just kept edging away from the gully little by little each year and now I was able to claim 15 feet of new ground and still be a good ways away from the gully. So I set the blade on the ground lightly and scraped away the briars and bramble and will plant that area with something the deer will really like. A few days ago, Sweet Thing saw 2 fawns that were about a week old. The crews working on the house are amazed at the wildlife. The roofers said “Yesterday, we were working on the roof, hammering away, and we looked up and saw 3 deer just standing there looking at us. Today we looked up and saw six turkeys.” Yes, it is going to be one fine homestead.


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