Puppy Update

11 Aug


I brought Wilma and Jethro out to the homestead today to run and get some exercise. I guess they are still puppies, the vet said they are probably 7-8 months old now. I don’t consider them grown until they are a year old.


Jethro weighs 70 pounds now and Wilma weighs 50 pounds, so they are pretty big puppies! After they run and play a bit, they get thirsty. This is Sweet Thing giving them a drink from the hose. They would much rather drink from the end of the hose instead of a bowl, even if the water is perfectly fresh.


I took Jethro to the vet last week because he had a lump on the outside of his ear that looked a lot like this picture. At first I thought it was a big ole tick, but it was a hard lump. The vet said it might go away with time, so in the meantime I am putting Benadryl cream on it to try to shrink it down. Anyone else ever have a lump on your dog’s ear like this?


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