Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day

1 Aug

I didn’t know how the Chick-fil-a appreciation day would go today. I went by this morning and got a chicken biscuit because I knew I would not be around a store later in the day.


Sweet Thing went for lunch and said it was unbelievable the number of  people waiting in line.



Not only was it a long line once you got inside, people were waiting patiently outside for up to an hour just to get in. Everyone was there to show support for CEO Dan Cathy and his stance on gay marriage, or to at least support his right to free speech. We are all tired of the main stream media shoving this agenda down our throats, and the politicians saying we just have to accept it. I hope and pray people in this country are fed up with these politicians and we can start cleaning house and getting these BUMS out of office! I don’t know how many times I have heard people complain about our elected leaders and when asked who did you vote for they say “I didn’t vote, it won’t make any difference, they are all the same.” If everyone who has said that would actually go vote, we could make a difference. Instead it is just easier to sit around and complain. There is certainly no reason to not vote in Tennessee, we have a 2 week period of early voting so you can avoid the hassle of long lines on election day. So go out and vote, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF WE ALL PULL TOGETHER!


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