Mist Cooling System

30 Jul

I’ve had this item for 3 weeks now, and I can’t believe I have waited so long to tell you about it. It is the Orbit Mist Cooling System; I bought it online from Lowe’s. We have been having 100 degree temperatures here for nearly the entire month of July. It is hard on people and animals alike. My dogs are out in the back yard, and they have a little shade but it is still stifling hot in the pen. I put 2 fans to blow on them and added this misting system.


It blows a light mist and really helps cool the air, especially in front of the fans where I have it blowing. I was worried the dogs wouldn’t like getting wet but they love it. The mist must make them really cooler because when I turn it on around noon, they just stand there and lap it up! It is really designed to go on a patio umbrella or something similar.


I just clipped it onto the fence above the fans and the dogs just lie there and sleep all afternoon. So If you or your animals are suffering through the heat, you may want to check this out. This only cost $15.00, but they have larger and more elaborate systems if you want to get something bigger. I might get another one and put it out under the patio for us! Stay cool.


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