13 Jul


This is a field of Sunflowers planted for attracting Doves for hunting this September. By then the Sunflowers will be mature, and the farmer will mow down most of them to scatter the sunflowers and attract the Doves. I am going to plant Sunflowers on the homestead, but not for hunting. I will harvest some of them to feed the birds in the winter and leave the rest for the birds and animals to eat. Anytime I see a field of Sunflowers like this, it always reminds me of the old campy Sci-Fi movie “The Day of the Triffids.”


It is a movie about mutant, man-eating plants. Any of you remember it?


Anyway, I just thought this field was pretty and you might enjoy seeing it.


There were all sorts of bees, wasps, and insects enjoying them, even this big ole bumble bee.


2 Responses to “Sunflowers”

  1. carynverell July 13, 2012 at 11:07 pm #

    i remember seeing that movie at the drive in…i was a kid with a wild imagination then too. i have a variety of heirloom sunflowers growing in the third raised bed and they are beginning to bloom.. we had a storm last week that practically flattened them all to the ground, but i got out there and stake em all up while the ground was soft and, even had to use a couple of those shepherd hooks as stakes…but they worked well. then i added a hummingbird feeder to one of the hooks too. along with the sunflower variety i have two kinds of tobacco in the same patch and they are blooming right along with the blackberry lilies. i love gazing out the window at this garden of old fashioned flowers. it sits in between my squash patch and my other veggie garden and i have had real good polination going on as well as no bugs of the yucky kind..but plenty of beneficial insects like bees.

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