Killer Goats!

8 Jul

I saw these big, mean looking Billy Goats in my field the other day. I know these goats can be mean sometimes, so I was leery about approaching them.



I was thinking this is just great! I have enough trouble trying to keep the insects from eating up my cotton without you goats getting in on the act! But as soon as I stopped my truck, they went scampering back towards the barn, they knew they weren’t supposed to be there. Oh well, maybe the owner put them back where they belong before they ate too much cotton.


2 Responses to “Killer Goats!”

  1. pioneerPreppy July 9, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    We used to get them feral running around on the bluffs above the Missouri river while I was growing up on my dad’s place. They looked pretty much just like your white visitor above. Last time I saw a wild one was almost 12 years ago driving down highway 94 along the river. I looked up and he was laying on a shelf of the bluff looking down at me. Haven’t heard of anyone else spotting one in years either. Too bad to there was always something mysterious and freedom inspiring about those wild goats up on the cliffs.

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