30 Jun

This is something I have to look out for besides gullies; sinkholes.


This hole is 3 feet by 5 feet and 3 feet deep. You wouldn’t want to be cruising along through this field on your dirtbike and hit this without knowing it! It could be a really bad day for you. These holes show up near rivers especially when they are as low as they are now. As of this writing, the Mississippi River at Memphis stands at –1.9 feet. That’s right, minus 1.9 feet, and it is expected to stay there for at least the next week. When the river is that low, the water table drops and releases pressure against the soil which allows the soil to drop in places creating these sinkholes. Occasionally you will see one much, much larger but ones this size are fairly common. We just know to watch out for them. So watch out and be safe!


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