Tuesday Tunes; Sweet Baby James

24 Apr

For todays tune how about some James Taylor? He has so many great songs it was hard to choose just one. He has his full band on this version. A friend of mine saw him in concert in 1977 at Northeast Louisiana University. As he was sitting in the arena before the show he noticed there were no instruments on stage. When the lights came down and the spotlight shown on a single stool in the middle of the stage as James came out with his guitar and sat down and started to play my friend thought what a rip-off. He doesn’t even have his band. But after about 15 minutes he realized it didn’t matter, he didn’t need a band; he was that good! James kept a college aged audience entertained by himself for two and a half hours. Let Justin Timberlake try that. HAHAHAHA! That would be too funny to even imagine, there would be a riot of fans rushing the ticket counter demanding their money back. So let’s listen to Sweet Baby James.


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