Quick As A Cat!

31 Jan

I know all of you have heard the expression “as quick as a cat”. There is a reason for that expression.


This is our cat Frank resting in the middle of the floor after playing our laser tag game. I keep a laser pointer by my chair, and he loves to chase that red dot all around the floor. It usually takes 10 minutes of chasing around and he will be tired enough to just lay still and wait on the dot. I can ease it towards him and he will just watch it until it gets close enough then WHAP! He will reach out and swat it with his paw. I decided I was going to see if I could be quicker than he is. I started teasing him with the dot, getting closer and closer. I had my senses all tensed up just waiting for him to make his move, then WHAP! My brain could not even register the thought MOVE, and it was too late, he already had the dot covered. I could not even get my brain to move fast enough, much less get my muscles to react to his speed.


He does not look too speedy here does he? He is in full-out lazy mode here.


But just take a look at those claws! He only weighs 12 pounds, can you imagine how dangerous he would be if he weighed 120 pounds and had those claws with the same speed he has now? I would not like to face a big cat in the wilderness. If they attacked you it would be all over for you. I guess that is why they say Lions are the King of the Jungle!

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