Barn Construction

23 Nov

Sweet Thing and I started to work on the interior walls of the barn. This is what we started with, 6X6 posts set on 10 foot centers.


The white you see is some kind of 1 inch thick space age insulating wrap. I don’t know what the R factor is, but I know I want to add more.


So first we framed up the interior walls.


Then we added some 6 inch thick R-19 insulation all the way up to the ceiling height, which is 9 feet.


Then we placed a 4X8 sheet of OSB for the bottom and a 4X8 sheet of pegboard for the upper wall. We are going to do this all the way around all 4 walls so that should give me a lot of space to hang things. As it is now, I have lots of stuff in my current shed but I can’t see it so I can’t put my hands right on it. It aggravates me to know I have something but I can’t find it so I have to go out and buy another one. Grrrrrr! If you hang it up on the peg board you can see what you have and can put your hand on it, it’s almost like being in the store but you don’t have to pay for it this time!


I paid particularly close attention to detail in the corners, making sure they were braced straight and strong. Some people slack on this detail and the corners buckle in because they don’t have enough support. Sweet Thing said I would have to paint that OSB with white paint right away so it would be nice and pretty. I can’t worry about that now, I have construction to do so stand back and let me get at it!


One Response to “Barn Construction”

  1. Pam December 1, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    Great work you both are doing. Did not know you were a contractor,great carpenter work. Keep it going you will enjoy all the space and being able to find everything you have. PAM

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