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Concrete Floor

27 Oct

This is day four of barn construction. The concrete truck came and poured the slab.

The workers finished the concrete out really smooth. They actually finished it out smoother than what I wanted, it is glass smooth. It is just smooth enough so that if you get a little moisture on it you can slip and bust your butt. I really wanted a little rougher finish, but I was not there when it was done so I didn’t get to talk to the finishing crew.

They have the floor finished, looking really good



And on the third day……

27 Oct

The two-man construction crew came back for the third day and finished leveling up the base of the form to pour the slab. They dug some footings around the edges and braced up the forms on the outside of the walls. Progress slowly but surely.

Rant And Rave!

25 Oct

I am going to allow myself a short rant today. Recently Sweet Thing went to a local store, a discount salvage grocery. They sell almost out of date food, dented cans, overstocks, oddball generics, etc. She usually doesn’t buy many food items, just cleaning supplies. When she was checking out they gave her these:

These are Banana Shortbread cookies that are 3 months past date. I thought “What the hay, I’ll give them a try”, they were free. I tasted them and decided not bad at all, pretty tasty for out of date cookies. I was reading the label while I was munching them and discovered, Made In Brazil. What! Really? You can bake this little sleeve of cookies in South America, load it on a ship, transport it to the US, truck it to here and do it cheaper than you can bake them here? It just doesn’t seem right.

Chipper and Shredder

24 Oct

When I realised how much clearing we would have to do on the homestead, I decided to invest in one of these. This is a Stanley commercial grade, 15 HP chipper/shredder. This is one mean machine(and loud too!) Before I bought this I read many reviews and found one note of particular interest. The description of this item says ‘electric start’, and it means just that. Not battery start, but electric start. You plug it into a 110 volt plug then push the starter button. Boy, I would have been really surprised had I not read the reviews and discovered this before hand. The electric start is almost a must-have on this machine. The motor is a 15 HP Briggs and Stratton with a lot of compression and sort of hard to pull-start. I plugged it in at the house and started it and let it run for a few minutes. We loaded it up on the trailer and hauled it to the homestead, took about 20 minutes to get there and get ready to restart. At that point it probably took 30-40 pulls on the recoil starter to get it to fire up. I had almost given up hope (as well as uttered a few several unprintable expletives) when it fired up and ran. It ran for an hour before I shut it down to rest for 30 minutes, and the rest of the day it started up on the first pull every time.

The machine performed as advertised. This is Sweet Thing holding a 3 inch diameter branch before shoving it into the chute. The Stanley will chip up anything you can get through that opening. The smaller branches and leaves can be put through the larger leaf chute.

After running through the chipper, the refuse becomes a very fine mulch. You could actually use this for mulch or put it into a compost pile.

All in all I am satisfied with this machine after using it for one day. You can indeed chip up 3 inch diameter branches with it, but you must have the branches cut small enough to insert into that 3 inch chute. It makes a very fine mulch out of the limbs and sticks. I will give you another report after we use it some more to report on how well it holds up and performs over time.

Barn Construction

23 Oct

The contractor finally came and started on the barn, he brought a crew of one. I was told when I made this deal the last barn they built took 3 days to build from start to finish. (I looked at that barn, by the way. It had good workmanship which is one reason I decided to go with this company) I don’t know how long mine will take, but it won’t be 3 days.

Here they started to set the posts.

They formed up the sides and filled the inside with sand in preparation for the concrete slab.

And they have the roof trusses ready to be installed. All of this took 2 days already, so I figure at least 1 day to pour the concrete and 2 days to put up the rest. But at least they should be able to finish this week!

P.S. I just saw the weather forecast, a good chance of rain Wednesday and Thursday, better come on and hurry guys!

Old Glory and Cotton Harvest

22 Oct

On of my clients sent this picture to me yesterday while he was harvesting his cotton. The composition was great, a picture of Old Glory mounted on top of his cotton picker. You can see his other new picker  as well as the rolls of cotton lined up in the background. All of this is set against a bluebird clear Autumn sky. I may print this out and put it on my desk. Beautiful!

Waiting On The Barn

19 Oct

Well, we got the gravel nice and smooth.

We have the site flagged off.

We have the lumber dropped off and the post hole digger/skidder sitting by ready to go, but no workers. I haven’t heard from them today, we did get a few rain showers yesterday so he may think it is too wet. I only got 3/10’s of rain at the site, so that barely settled the dust. Come on guys, let’s go!