Stanley Chipper Shredder Pt. 2

30 Oct


We went to the homestead and used the Stanley Chipper Shredder today. After the second time of using it I still am happy with it. It started a lot easier today since it has been run a while. It did not use any oil after running 4 hours last week and 4 hours this week. I think I might have to sharpen the blades now. The directions said chipping hard dried wood would dull the blades faster than soft green wood and that makes sense. We chipped a good bit of dried limbs with it. I’ll let you know how the sharpening and blade replacement goes.

I made a video of Sweet Thing using the shredder. It is so easy even a girl can do it! Git it Baby!

The barn crew came back and worked on the sixth day of construction.


They have both sides up as well as the front. The windows are in place as well as both walk-out doors. I hope they get to finish the back and roof by Tuesday!




One Response to “Stanley Chipper Shredder Pt. 2”

  1. sweet thing October 30, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    Hey Swamp Dog,
    Better watch that “even a girl can do it”.
    I may be little but you know I’m strong,.
    Video really should have us reversed, Swamp Dog runs the chipper and I am cutting up the trees and limbs to a size that will fit the chipper. We almost have the first large pile chipped. Then on to another big pile of fallen trees and limbs. It will be easier now. We know to make them smaller when sawing. We are having lots of fun even with the hard work. We go to a small local grocery and have a sandwich, chips, and cola for lunch. They cut the meat and cheese then make you a sandwich like the ones i had as a kid. Love you Swamp Dog!!!!

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