Barn Construction…Day 5

28 Oct

The construction crew of two men came out the day after the slab was poured, which was day five. They put up the trusses and nailed on the purlins.

It is starting to look like a barn now.

Over to the left you can see where the three windows are going. You can see how smooth and slick the floor looks too! The crew said they would go get the metal siding and roof panels and put them up Thursday and Friday. That would finish everything except the roll-up door in the front. Last night we had an inch and a half of rain so I don’t expect them to come back until Monday. RATS!

One Response to “Barn Construction…Day 5”

  1. Beatrice P. Boyd at 10:48 am #

    Maybe it’s best the crew is not returning until the rain stops since you had concerns about the slick concrete flooring? Looks like this will be a fine looking structure and looking forward to completion – as you are even more.

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